Preacher's Season Finale Was Full Of Crazy Deaths And Big Reveals

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Warning: major spoilers ahead for the Season 2 finale of Preacher, called "The End of the Road."

Preacher has officially come to an end for another season, and the finale was a wild ride from start to finish. The characters have come a long way since the premiere, and it's difficult to predict precisely how those left standing will move on following the cliffhangers. All things considered, the super-sized episode made for a pretty epic finale that should give us plenty to think about until AMC announces whether or not Preacher will be back for a third season. The episode featured all kinds of crazy deaths and big reveals, and we've broken them down here. Let's start with Tulip, who had a hell of a rough ride in "The End of the Road."


Tulip tried her best to get out of dodge with Cassidy, even stocking up on booze and sunscreen, but everything went sideways for her. Cassidy was having issues with blood due to Dennis hanging around, and he ended up pushing Dennis out of a window to fry in the sunlight after a dream sequence in which he chomped Tulip to death. Tulip discovered the cameras that were being used to monitor their lives in the house -- including all the living room masturbation that was evidently happening -- but still might have made a clean break... if not for her stop to say goodbye to Jenny/Featherstone, who shot her.

Poor Tulip was dangerously close to becoming a vampire when a desperate Cassidy declared that it was the only way to save her, but Jesse stopped from Cassidy from getting to her in time. Tulip died. The question now is how long she will or will not stay dead.


Jesse was out in the field with Herr Starr as he began to take his place as the new Messiah. All was going well on Herr Starr's side, but Jesse wasn't too happy when he realized that miracles were being staged for the sake of maximum exposure. Still, they were preparing to take Jesse's talents to Jimmy Kimmel Live. Everything went wrong when Jesse discovered from Cassidy that Tulip was in trouble. His attempts to use The Word to keep Tulip alive failed. Cassidy was understandably furious with Jesse, but Jesse wasn't ready to give up on Tulip. Instead, he ended the episode driving Tulip's corpse back to the L'Angell plantation, presumably so that she can be resurrected. Cassidy told Jesse that he hated him, to which Jesse simply responded "Just you wait" and turned down the road to the plantation.

Interestingly, Jesse and Tulip's arrival at the L'Angell plantation happened in the show quite differently than in the comic source material. In the comics, Tulip was alive when she and Jesse arrived, and she was killed by henchmen before being resurrected by God. If Preacher is renewed for Season 3, we'll get to see just how it plays out on the show with Jesse evidently going to Marie for help.

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After spending the majority of Season 2 helping the wrongfully damned Eugene to escape from Hell, Preacher's version of Hitler seemed like he was trying to reform himself. Eugene was certainly convinced, and he invited Hitler to join him in the land of the living. They were bosom buddies... until Hitler was all the way back on Earth and no longer needed Eugene. Then, in true Hitler form, he bailed on Eugene and went rogue, presumably to wreak all kinds of havoc and spread all kinds of mayhem. This is what happens when you pal around with Hitler, Eugene.


The mission to find God took a whole bunch of detours over the Preacher series so far, but the final scene of "The End of the Road" did sort of reveal what's up with God. He's been hanging out in a hotel room, with beer cans everywhere. His dog costume was handy, and we could hear the toilet flush. The bathroom door opened, and a blinding white light shone out. While I would have welcomed a good look at God after all the craziness of the episode, coming close was good enough.

Sadly, this is all of Preacher we're going to get for a while. We can only cross our fingers and hope that AMC announces a renewal for Season 3 sooner rather than later. For what you can watch now that Preacher is done for the season, take a look at our fall TV premiere schedule.

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