How Stephen Colbert Changed His Late Show Attitude In The Past Year

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After a solid hosting of the Emmy's which gave us a great opening performance as well as a Sean Spicer appearance, it's safe to say Stephen Colbert is a much different host than he was when he started The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Colbert recently shared how his attitude has changed in regards to The Late Show in the past year, and perhaps how letting go has been the secret to his success:

I've allowed myself to become sort of a pure performer now. I don't try to produce the show in my head. People ask me, what's going to happen today? I say, I just work here. I've been able to let go of the reins of control to --- I don't know if I can say to a large degree, that's for someone else to say --- but for me, it feels like an enormous degree.

While many would say Stephen Colbert's success with The Late Show came thanks to the election year, Colbert seems to indicate the turnaround is also in some capacity thanks to showrunner Chris Licht. Initially, Colbert was trying to play both host and showrunner, which he tells THR may have been the cause behind the talk show struggling to find its legs in the opening months. Now, with some of the responsibilities of The Late Show off of his shoulders, Colbert is able to better focus on the things he loves, like making jokes at the President's expense to make his audience laugh.

Stephen Colbert believes the biggest change is that the host found himself, removed from meetings where in the past he was usually present for. That seems to be for the best, as the greatest joy he gets from The Late Show With Stephen Colbert is not wasting away in meeting after meeting, but rather the thrill of standing up in front of an audience. Colbert continues on below with how "letting go," has allowed him to not only connect with his audience but also get them better invested in the show:

For years, for a decade. Letting go and just enjoying being on stage with the audience. That's kind of where I realized why I took this job. I wanted to change as a performer. I wanted to change what my responsibilities were on a daily basis. I just wanted to go out there and do jokes for people. They might be about things, like I said, people think aren't significant, but I want to go out there and do jokes for people. I want to go out there and be interested in my guest. The last two years has allowed me to do that.

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on CBS. While Stephen Colbert seemed to have a good time at The Emmys, Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes had some issue with this year's award show. Read more about what she had to say or check out the final part of Sterling K. Brown's speech that was unfortunately cut from the ceremony right here. Those just looking forward to the future would do well to visit our fall premiere guide as it's a handy resource to any and all shows premiering or making their return in the coming months.

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