Stephen Colbert's Musical Emmys Opening Was Everything We Wanted It To Be, Check It Out

With Stephen Colbert hosting the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards, few expected the longtime talk show frontman to disappoint in his inaugural gig. Those that missed it will be happy to know Colbert most definitely did not fail to capture everyone's attention, as he gave the audience Game of Thrones references, a dancing Demogorgon, and much much more. Take a look, and continue on below:

Stephen Colbert's "Everything Is Better On TV" ditty really drove home its message as the host brought up how television in the last year has truly been better than what is happening around the world. Of course, there were plenty of jokes to be made as well, as Colbert started things off Gendry-style, bouncing from scene to scene and dancing with Eleven and the Demogorgon. He got animated with Archer, and accused Kate Pearson of killing her father in what would truly be a Season 2 shocker for This Is Us!

While Stephen Colbert did most of the singing on his own, he wasn't alone in his magnificent opener. Chance The Rapper gave a strong and sound reminder to stay woke while we watch our favorite shows, while also equating the strain on small businesses with Bob's Burgers and other things of that nature. It was definitely a nice twist to put a hip-hop flair on the typical showtunes song and dance the Emmys typically does, and it hopefully means we're in for a full night of more unconventional thrills.

One thing that was surprisingly absent during the musical number were jabs out President Trump, which is something Colbert has found a lot of success and criticism with in the past year. Not wanting to stray too far from his own status quo, Colbert more than made up for that in the latter half of his monologue, which was almost exclusively dedicated to the Commander In Chief. He even closed things out with a surprising appearance by Sean Spicer, which could very well be the highlight of the show, coming only 15 minutes into things. One can only imagine what the President's response will be on his Twitter, as many know he is often not silent to criticism against him, and Colbert will be watching for it.

As the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards continue on CBS be sure to stick with CinemaBlend for the scoop on all the winners and crazy moments the night will bring. After that, get a jump on next year's potential award winners by checking out the full list of upcoming fall programming in the next couple months via our fall premiere guide. Of course, if you're one of the Cord Cutters addicted to streaming that Colbert doted on during his song and dance and not into watching the Emmy's tonight, we also have a lot of stuff worth checking out currently on our Netflix guide.

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