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Those who were watching Star Trek: Discovery last night with a mind full of Star Trek knowledge and a watchful eye were rewarded, as the show featured the best Easter egg nod to the original Star Trek series. Check out the titles of the books on Captain Georgiou's shelf that reference some well-known episode titles from the original series, and continue on below:

Did the set designers of Star Trek: Discovery want to mess with the minds of Star Trek fans? Because that's how you mess with the minds of Star Trek fans! Already the web is churning with theories as to whether or not the books are just a cool nod to the past of the franchise, or there is a deeper meaning behind all this. After all, if these books are more than Easter eggs, then how did Captain Georgiou obtain books on the adventures of Spock and Kirk a full ten years before the original series takes place?

The obvious answer is Captain Georgiou is a time traveler. Admittedly, that sounds like some pretty heavy theorizing to do so soon into Star Trek: Discovery, but with Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman telling fans to pump the brakes on speculation regarding her character's absence going forward, there could be more to this Easter egg than what was originally thought. The books weren't the only Easter egg spotted in the episode, either, as Twitter also revealed Captain Georgiou had a wine bottle from a very well known family sitting in her ready room:

While Captain Georgiou could've jumped to the future to grab this bottle from some intergalactic bar, it's worth mentioning the Picard family has been in the wine business long before even Star Trek: Discovery takes place. Considering both these Easter eggs were in the background in the same episode it probably means all these items are just cool Easter eggs that only serve as cool factoids that will be buried in the trivia section of a wiki article at a later date, but who knows?

Now that its first episode has aired, Star Trek: Discovery will now air weekly on CBS All Access. For more on the show, be sure to read up on how the series has many more crazy endings lined up beyond the first two episodes. It was also revealed recently what plans Bryan Fuller had for the series had he remained involved, and his idea was pretty interesting. For more on other shows premiering this fall, visit our fall premiere guide.

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