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In the world of TV and film production, nostalgia is currently the most popular trend. Tons of properties are producing long awaited sequels and reboots, and NBC is no exception. Because after ten years, the acclaimed (and recently streaming) sitcom Will and Grace will be returning this week for a brand spankin' new season. What's even more remarkable is that the network has already renewed the revival for a second season, before the public actually got to see a single new episode. So how did it happen? Debra Messing recently explained that it was all in the magic of the very first table read.

Originally we only committed to 10, and then we got the first episode and we did a table read of it and it was electric and the laughter was deafening and the president of the network was there and that night he asked for more and for next year as well. I think once we sat down and read the words together and realized that the most fundamental thing that allowed us to do what we did back then is still there and alive, we were like, 'OK, let's do this. We have something to say. We have an opportunity to do something that's never been done before. We get to explore characters 11 years later. We love each other and we love working together.' Win, win, win all around.

Now that's how you book a renewal. Just be amazing from the very first chance-- easy, right?

Debra Messing's comments, which come from the Tribeca TV Festival via THR, seem to point out how high spirits and excitement for Will and Grace's new season truly are. While NBC knew they'd likely have another popular run on their hands, the cast and writers' ability to instantly tap into the magic from the show's original eight season run made a renewal a no brainer.

After all, it was this ability to slip back into the Will and Grace routine that made the revival even possible. The cast, writers, and set reunited just last year for a short video entitled "Vote, Honey". The video, which encouraged viewers to participate in the 2016 Presidential Election, went viral immediately. It was this huge response, as well as the cast's fantastic performances, that inspired NBC to bring back the beloved series for a new season. And with the Emmy winning actors all ready to have fun and make TV with each other, it should be no surprise that a second season is already being planned for the revival.

Will and Grace will return to NBC this week on Thursday, October 28th. In the meantime, be sure to check out our fall premiere list to plan your next binge watch

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