The Mist Cancelled, No Season 2 For The Stephen King Adaptation

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We're currently in a renaissance when it comes to getting quality Stephen King in both features and TV show form, with the blockbuster IT and Mr. Mercedes standing out. But some projects don't make the same kind of positive waves as others, and Spike's The Mist has been cancelled ahead of the network's big brand change to Paramount Network in 2018.

The Mist was initially a pretty big project for Spike, which gave a straight-to-series order last year for the adaptation from Christian Torpe, creator of the solid Danish series Rita. It was an attempt to raise awareness of its scripted programming efforts, and it seemed like it worked at first, as Spike saw over a million viewers tuning into The Mist's premiere episode during its first week of release. But in the weeks after that, the viewership dipped to around 400,000-500,000 people per episode, and while the consistency was nice in theory, the show's 18-49 demo rating was not. And so, as THR reports, the decision to cancel it was made.

Based on the Stephen King novella published in the book Skeleton Crew. It was turned into a creature feature film by Frank Darabont some years ago, with that one arguably most memorable for its gut-punch of an ending, which was quite different from the novella's open ending. The Mist TV series chose to go different routes from both the page and the film, offering up denser character development and more current social stigmas. It starred Morgan Spector, Alyssa Sutherland, Gus Birney, Frances Conroy and more as small town citizens whose relationships with everyone around them are turned upside down after a monster-filled mist rolls through the streets. But, as horror often shows us, the true monsters are actually US. Like this tongue-wagging creepshow.

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Spike will be changing its corporate name and branding to Paramount Network on January 18, 2018. While The Mist won't be part of the new wave of programming, audiences will get to see the Waco miniseries with Taylor Kitsch and Michael Shannon, the Heathers TV remake, and the sitcom American Woman, based on the life of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards.

Those seeking out more Stephen King adaptations won't have long to wait, with Netflix soon bringing two buzzworthy features Gerald's Game and 1922. And Hulu's got the upcoming series Castle Rock, which will put the King-verse in focus with characters and locations from various novels coming together. And if Stephen King gets his wishes, maybe we'll see another one of his best novels getting spun into a TV show.

So while we won't get to see The Mist live on in any other form for Season 2, there are still a lot of other new and returning shows hitting the small screen soon, and you can see them all in our fall premiere schedule.

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