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CBS All Access is making headlines as the new home to original Trek programming with Star Trek: Discovery. The series just aired its third episode, and fans are already asking about the possibility of Season 2 for the first new show in the franchise in a little over 12 years. Now, one of the people behind the sci-fi drama has opened up about the chances of that happening. Here's what executive producer and showrunner Aaron Harberts had to say about the likelihood of Star Trek: Discovery getting a second season:

It's a hopeful green light...I do want to see a green light. I would say we would be getting a little ahead of ourselves, but this show takes so much time and so much pre-planning that I would be lying if I said they weren't asking us to -- at the very least -- consider possibilities for storylines. In terms of a season 2, nothing is official. And in terms of the storytelling, everything is sort of in the Crock-Pot, just plugged in. I don't even know if we have put the lid on the Crock-Pot.

So, while nothing is official yet, it does sound like CBS All Access is at least currently interested in seeing what the team behind Star Trek: Discovery would have in store for Season 2, should the streaming service decide to give them the greenlight. And, from Aaron Harberts' words to Trek Movie, we can see that because of the interest in potential Season 2 storylines, he seems hopeful that they will, eventually, get the go-ahead for another season.

As Harberts also mentioned, Star Trek: Discovery takes a lot of "time" and "pre-planning." A few days ago, executive producer Alex Kurtzman noted that he believes a tentative air date for Season 2, should it, indeed, get greenlit, would be way off in early 2019. I know that must seem like an unbelievable amount of time to wait for Season 2, but fans should keep in mind that this season of Discovery won't even wrap up until sometime in early spring of 2018, meaning that the cast and crew will have about a year to prep for another season and start filming.

After being announced several years ago, one of the things that, apparently, kept Star Trek: Discovery from debuting until late September 2017 was the amount of work that needed to be done to make sure the visuals of the series would match up with what was called for in the scripts for each episode. There was a lot of pressure on this show to do right by the now 50 plus year legacy of Trek, and everyone wanted to be sure they were putting out the best product possible. So, really, the fact that ideas for Season 2 are already percolating in that science fiction Crock-Pot is good news for us. It means that Aaron Harberts and his team have (hopefully enough) time to get things ready so they can jump right in and get to work should more Discovery get greenlit.

For now, you can quiet any fears that Star Trek: Discovery won't get Season 2 by immersing yourself in its freshman season on CBS All Access, where the show airs every Sunday at 7:30 CST. Don't forget to fill the rest of your TV viewing time by checking out our fall television premiere guide and Netflix premiere guide.

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