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In the world of television, Simon Cowell has made a name for himself primarily in the world of reality shows. Now Cowell is stepping away from the formula somewhat, and looking to what he knows into scripted television. Cowell will be executive producing an NBC comedy titled A&R, which will focus on a subject Cowell seems fond of: the music industry.

The news comes from Variety, who reports NBC purchased a script for A&R, which tells the tale of a blossoming young music label that is thrown into disarray when the owner brings in burnout veteran from the industry to help guide them into the future. The script was written by Josh Lieb, who will be executive producing the potential series alongside Simon Cowell, Scott Bernstein, and Peter Samson. At this time, things seem to be very early in development, so it's too soon to tell when or if this project will be seen by audiences.

Considering Simon Cowell's track record with NBC and network television in general, one would imagine A&R has a good chance of getting a series order. Cowell has had success both in the States and overseas with the Idol and Got Talent franchises, and his star power is high enough that audiences seem to pay attention when they learn his name is attached to a project. Will this still be the case should A&R make its way to television? We'll have to wait to find out, but the television personality certainly seems to have a better shot than most at pulling it off.

The potential show may have a step up with Cowell's help, considering Simon Cowell spent the early years of his career as an actual A&R consultant. One has to wonder if A&R will draw influence from Cowell's experience in the industry, which includes making novelty records for the Power Rangers and the WWF (now WWE). With around 20 years spent in that industry before he would join the series Pop Idol as a judge, there's no doubt Cowell has plenty of experience to draw back on in regards to how the music industry works, and likely more than a few funny stories to tell as well.

As of now, details regarding NBC and Simon Cowell's A&R are scarce, but more details regarding this project are bound to surface sooner or later. Until that happens, read up on who American Idol snagged for their final two celebrity judges, and how Cowell never wants to be a part of that show ever again. Fans can also read about the rather harsh thing he said to host Mel B on America's Got Talent, and how she responded following the incident. For a list of new shows that are totally worth watching these upcoming months, visit our fall premiere guide.

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