Check Out Deathstroke's Terrifying Return In New Arrow Trailer

It's been a solid season of Arrow so far, but there's nothing like a little Deathstroke to usher in a big kick in the pants. Now officially allowed back on the show, Deathstroke has a lot of lost time to make up for, and that begins again with next week's episode. The show's greatest villain returns, this time as an ally who needs Oliver's help tracking down his missing son. Check out the promo for the next episode of Arrow, in which Deathstroke unloads his fury on some unlucky henchmen.

For the last few seasons, Deathstroke has been imprisoned on Lian Yu, left to be forgotten until Arrow was allowed by DC to use him again. Now that the assassin has sweated out the Mirakuru that drove him insane, Deathstroke has largely put the past behind him and can now serve to not just antagonize Oliver. He survived the destruction of Lian Yu it seems like his son has gone missing, and Deathstroke needs the help of the Green Arrow to find not only him, but also the men responsible.

The missing son in question is Joe Wilson, who will be played by Liam Hall (Camp, Lucifer). One of the sons of Slade Wilson, Joe followed in his father's footsteps involving the secret Australian military agency, A.S.I.S. After years of brutal combat, Joe now finds himself in a Kasnian prison fighting for his life. Comic book fans will recognize that Joe Wilson is the name of the superhero Jericho, a mute with the ability to possess the bodies of others. He's known for joining the Teen Titans to battle against his villainous father, but Arrow could always opt not to go that route with him, since this isn't a show where bodily possession often comes up.

It looks to be a solid and action-heavy episode, but fans probably shouldn't expect to see Oliver suited up as the Green Arrow. He passed that mantle over to Diggle for a spell so that he could devote more time to his own son in the face of those public rumors, but it's only a matter of time before he's firing arrows once again. Let's not forget that the big CW DC crossover is coming up, and it would be pretty disappointing if Oliver didn't suit up to fight a literal evil doppelgänger.

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