New Girl Is Bringing A Former Guest Star Back For Season 7

Jess and Russell out to dinner

All things must come to an end, including popular TV shows. Because unless you're Grey's Anatomy or Doctor Who, long running shows have to conclude eventually. This year will bring the end of Fox's hit comedy New Girl, bringing Zooey Deschanel's star vehicle to a conclusion after seven seasons on the network. While Season 7 doesn't currently have a premiere date, details are slowly being released for the final installment in New Girls' story. One guest actor is making a return to the series for the first time since back in Season 2: Dermot Mulroney will reprise his role as Russell "Fancyman" Shiller in the final season of New Girl.

This news comes to us from TV Line, which reports Russell's long awaited return to the series. Dermot Mulroney seemed to really fit in during his 5-episode arc in Season 2, so fans will no doubt be thrilled to see Fancyman return to The Loft after all these years. But how exactly will Russell factor into the show's narrative?

Back in New Girl Season 2, Russell was one of the many partners who held Nick and Jess back from being a full blown couple. He was essentially Emily from Friends, except way more likable. In fact, Russell even got to play a ridiculous game of "True American" with the roommates, which is an honor few guest actors have had on the series. Russell's exit made way for the two protagonists to finally become a couple, although their random breakup was inevitable.

Since Jess and Nick broke up, fans have been forced to watch their drawn out unrequited love story. And with Dermot Mulroney's Russell returning next season, perhaps he'll mirror his role back in Season 2. Jess was getting up the courage to tell Nick about her feelings for him in the Season 6 finale, with his feelings for Megan Fox's Reagan preventing her from making a move. If Nick and Jess are still doing their will they/won't they nonsense after Season 7's time jump, maybe her ex-boyfriend can tell them to cut the crap and end up together. It would definitely be a moment fans would love.

New Girl had an interesting go last season. After having a delayed premiere, Season 6 saw Jess exit the show for a handful of episodes after being called for jury duty. The show was predictably awkward without Zooey Deschanel, who was on maternity leave in reality. And while Megan Fox joined the show to mix things up, there was a lull in viewership without the titular New Girl on the show. It was unclear if the show would be renewed for Season 7, but luckily the show will have a proper conclusion this coming year.

While New Girl doesn't have a premiere date for Season 7, be sure to check back with us at CinemaBlend for more details. In the meantime, check out our fall premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

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