Megan Fox Is Returning To New Girl, Here's What We Know

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Long running network television is a tricky thing. After finding success with original programming, it can sometimes be hard for a series to continue staying strong in regards to content and cast as the years ago by. FOX's comedy New Girl has featured quite a few cast shakeups over the years, and the latest happened last season due to Zooey Deschanel's maternity leave. Movie star Megan Fox helped fill the void left by Deschanel's titular new girl, and now it appears we'll be seeing more Fox on FOX after all.

TV Line is reporting that Megan Fox will be returning to New Girl in its upcoming sixth season. While not promoted to a new series regular, she'll apparently have a large and significant arc that will be seen toward the second half of Season 6. Ironically enough, we'll have to wait for Megan Fox's reappearance for a bit because of her own pregnancy, echoing the reason she was brought on the show in the first place.

Season 5 of New Girl was a bit bizarre, in regards to the rest of its tenure. Things started getting wonky before the Season even aired. To start, Damon Wayans Jr.'s character Coach was written out of the series for the second time, presumably this time for good. Additionally, Season 5 also changed its premiere date for the first time in its tenure. Rather than a fall premiere, New Girl began in January. And to make things even stranger, we were given New Girl without the actual new girl, as Zooey Deschanel took her maternity leave and Megan Fox was brought in. Overall, the season felt very different from its past, but now it seems New Girl is getting back on track.

Megan Fox might have been originally intended to only be in New Girl for a hot second, but her character's influence was certainly felt. Reagan was essentially the antithesis of Zooey Deschanel's Jess. Instead of being perky and perpetually attached to the personal lives of the boys, Regan had no super strong bonds to speak of, and definitely wanted her privacy.

Of course, the two women weren't completely opposites- they seem to have similar taste in men. While Nick and Jess have been the Ross and Rachel for all of New Girl's 5 Season run, Megan Fox's Regan put a wrench in this. Nick has an almost immediate attraction to her (honestly, can you blame him?) and the two actually ended up with a strong connection by the end Season 5. Reagan eventually returned for Cece and Schmidt's wedding in the Season 5 finale, hoping to start a real relationship with Nick. But with Jess newly single, you could tell that her feelings for her ex are very much alive.

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