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New Girl Will Make Some Crazy Changes For Season 7

Jess and Cece in the loft

Possible spoilers ahead for New Girl Season 7.

With the upfronts currently taking place for network TV, there have been an slew of cancellations and renewals that have sent fans reeling. One series that seemed to just narrowly avoid cancellation is FOX's long running comedy, New Girl. The series has seen a drop in viewership in the past few seasons, and cast members like Jake Johnson have been open about the show's danger of being cancelled. Luckily for fans of Jess and the boys in the loft, FOX has ordered an eight episode final season for the series, and now it appears that some major changes are happening in the final season.

It looks like New Girl is going to have a bit of a time jump for Season 7. Deadline is reporting that the next season will pick up three years after the events of Season 6, and will show how much has changed as the group continues to grow up and (hopefully) make more responsible decisions.

The shorter final season is set to follow the characters over the course of a year, which sounds similar to Netflix's recent viral series Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. But for the fandom that has spent the past 6 years following the ridiculous cast of characters, we can all safely say that we should get the closure we so crave.

In the upcoming season, we should expect to see see Jess and Nick three years after they decided to take another shot at their relationship. Season 6's finale also saw Schmidt and Cece expecting their first child, so we can likely expect to see some parenting hijinks for the popular couple. And the cliffhanger also featured Winston getting back in touch with his father, so it should be interesting to see how this choice affected everyone's favorite scene stealer.

With New Girl finally coming to an end next season, we should expect for the cast to branch out into new projects in the near future. Actor Max Greenfield (aka Schmidt) has already booked a role on Ryan Murphy's third season of American Crime Story, which will air on FX. Season 3 is titled The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story, with Greenfield currently in an unknown role, which was announced by Ryan Murphy himself on social media.

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Overall, New Girl's renewal (as well as its shorter episode count) sounds like the right thing to do by FOX. New Girl was one of the network's biggest comedies, so unceremoniously dumping the long running series would likely send the fandom into a fit of rage.

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Corey Chichizola
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