Why New Girl Needs To Be Renewed After That Big Finale

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Warning: major spoilers ahead for the Season 6 finale of New Girl, "Five Stars for Beezus."

Fox found a major hit with New Girl, which has introduced audiences to a crew of gifted comedic actors who have managed to make some of the most bizarre characters on television wonderfully endearing. New Girl just concluded its sixth season without confirmation of whether or not a Season 7 would ever happen. Now, after the events of the Season 6 finale, it's safe to say that New Girl absolutely needs to be renewed.

New Girl didn't hold back from introducing gigantic plot twists in its Season 6 finale. We have Jess moving out of the loft, Nick going through a journey of self-discovery via The Pepperwood Chronicles, and the two finally getting back together in one of the most swoonworthy sequences this show has ever aired. Fans who have been waiting years for these two crazy kids to reunite definitely got a big moment when they finally came together, but would it be right to leave us with their future still so open-ended? And their reunion wasn't even the only game-changer of the episode!

The group discovered that Cece and Schmidt are going to have a baby, although Cece herself was nearly the very last to know that she was pregnant. The couple is clearly very excited and surprised at the prospect of parenthood, and there were so many hijinks leading up to the reveal that it's hard to imagine not getting to see them go through the actual pregnancy. Sure, babies have been known to mess up shows - or, in the case of Friends, pretty much disappear after they're born - but New Girl could totally pull off a pregnancy, especially if a Season 7 would be the last season.

Even Winston got an important plot in the already-busy episode! Aly found a way to connect Winston with his long-estranged father, who Winston has plenty of unresolved issues with. The finale was so jam-packed with Nick/Jess and Cece/Schmidt that there just wasn't time to do justice to Winston's storyline. Surely he deserves another batch of episodes for him to hash out some of his issues with his dad, right?

Unfortunately, Fox has not yet announced whether or not New Girl will get the chance for a Season 7. Jake Johnson recently came out and opined that Season 6 would probably be the last, and he even said that the finale ended in a way that even the most hardcore fans would probably be okay if it was the end. I can definitely see his point; the characters got happy endings in "Five Stars for Beezus," and there were plenty of callbacks to the early days of the show to provide narrative symmetry. In fact, the Season 6 finale felt a lot like a series finale. It would be okay if this was the end... but a Season 7 could be absolutely fabulous, even if it was a shorter season just long enough to tie off some loose ends.

We'll have to cross our fingers, wait, and see. Hopefully Fox makes the announcement about the future of New Girl sooner rather than later. The waiting has really been the hardest part for me. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest news in renewals and cancellations, and don't forget to take a look at our midseason TV premiere guide and our summer TV premiere schedule.

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