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Deathstroke is back in action over on Arrow. The friend turned villain turned frenemy returned to Arrow last Thursday to take center stage in a new two-episode storyline. The episode saw Slade Wilson seek out Olliver's help (as a Mayor, no less) in getting his estranged son, Joe Wilson, out of a prison in another country. Their journey was full of twists, interesting backstory, and one really kick-ass fight scene. People seemed to have liked the episode, and the same is especially true for Marv Wolfman, the creator of Deathstroke, who shared his enthusiasm for the episode on social media.

Last night's Arrow was WOW. All of this in one episode: Deathstroke, Vigilante, Joe Wilson (using the wondrous pseudonym Kane Wolfman) and the best kick-ass Deathstroke fight scene ever. Loved it.

Posted by Marv Wolfman on Friday, November 10, 2017

Arrow continued its streak of solid episodes this season with one that centered on fan-favorite character Deathstroke. If you're a big fan of the character, it's definitely an episode you'll appreciate, so of course, his creator enjoyed it too. Marv Wolfman, who created Deathstroke as well as a slew of other prominent DC characters, watched the episode and took to Facebook to share how much he enjoyed it. Wolfman was impressed by how much was in one episode, pointing out Deathstroke, Vigilante (who Wolfman also created), Joe Wilson, and "the best kick-ass Deathstroke fight scene ever. The comic book writer also took great pleasure in Joe Wilson's pseudonym, Kane Wolfman, a clear shout out to the writer.

It's always nice to hear that creators are enjoying what other people are doing with their characters. Arrow has been making good use of Deathstroke ever since he was re-introduced at the end of Season 5. No longer out for Queen blood, Slade and Olliver are on better terms and their alliance is a nice change of pace. Even though the Mirakuru is out of his system, Deathstroke the Terminator has clearly lost none of his edge.

Slade Wilson and Oliver Queen's adventure isn't over yet. After last episode's cliffhanger, the two will have to deal with Slade's son, who clearly has some pent up issues regarding his father. While Olliver is busy, his team has their own hands full already dealing with Vigilante. After the twist reveal of his secret identity, Team Arrow -- and especially Dinah -- will have to learn how to deal with the killer moving forward. And let's not forget that the big annual crossover is closing in, where the characters of Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow will battle evil doppelgangers from Earth X.

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