Spoilers below for anyone who hasn't yet watched The Walking Dead's latest episode, "The King, The Widow and Rick."

The Walking Dead has had a special relationship with certain letters over the years, and I'm not talking about all the R.I.P.s we go through each season. Enid's "JSS" was a temporary head-scratcher, as was the "W" marking that the Wolves carved into walkers' heads. But none have been used as often as the letter "A," which just so happened to make an appearance in tonight's episode, with Jadis using that marking to tag the storage container that a sweaty, naked Rick is now trapped inside. What the hell can it mean, you ask? Let's discuss the ways The Walking Dead has used that letter in the past.


As steadfast fans are aware, The Walking Dead's most prevalent use of the letter "A" came back in Season 4 and Season 5, when Rick & Co. were being unwittingly herded to the Terminus community of non-purple people eaters. Gareth and his Terminus crew marked a ton of locations with an "A," largely referencing the main train car's letter, and at that time, it seemed like "A" was an ominous warning that only bad things would come from places that were distinguished in such a way. And considering Gareth's squad ate part of Bob and wanted to take out everyone else -- having themselves gone through some radically fucked up life decisions before that point -- the letter still brings about unease with Walking Dead fans. (Let's also not forget that the Prison's Cell Block A is where all the sick people were kept.)

But wait, what would that mean for Rick's current situation as a possible prisoner of Jadis and her junkyard dawgs? Would this somehow indicate that Jadis was part of the Terminus group at some point? Considering we never got a full head-count of everyone involved, it's definitely possible that some of them survived Team Family's slaughtering and then eventually set up shop within a big garbage dump. (If one was used to eating human beings for food at some point, trash likely doesn't have that much of an effect.) But is that likely? I mean, Jadis likes to stay quiet, so marking a building is right up her alley, as opposed to telling other people that Rick is in there for the targeting. Still, it might be a stretch.

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