We are a piffling few days away from the return of The Walking Dead, which is smack dab in the middle of its craziest (and arguably most uneven) season yet. The stakes are extremely high for every single breathing person on the show, with Alexandria getting overrun by walkers and those outside the community being introduced to a dangerous new threat. So before things get too serious within the Walking Dead fan community, let’s spend our last days in the hiatus by bitching about how terrible the children on this show are. Yes, I’m sinking to childish levels to take this on.

What follows are all of the noteworthy children from The Walking Dead’s past, ranked by how awful they are/were. We’re not necessarily ripping on actors here, and we’re not talking about every single kid who appeared on the show. I didn’t even include good ol’ Jimmy McCune, because he was more forgettable than awful. In any case, get some ice and keep massaging that vein in your forehead as you read on.

the walking dead
9. Beth
Though actress Emily Kinney was in her mid-20s for her first Walking Dead scenes, she was playing 16-year-old Beth Greene, a sheltered farm girl whose naivety quickly drained once the world’s horrors hit home. And I think it’s the actress’ age that helped Beth not become overly stereotypical as the suicidal teenager, or overly hokey as the girl whose first experience with alcohol is an emotional one. Beth later went through as much character growth as anyone else on this show, which made her death as shocking as it was, but she spent a good while there being pretty uninteresting and non-essential. Since that’s her biggest flaw, though, she gets bottom seed.

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