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The Witcher Series From Netflix Has Found Its Showrunner

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The Witcher has had successful books, video games, and even a musical, and now it's trying to have a successful Netflix series. The series recently found its showrunner, and judging from her past works, it appears as though this new series will be yet another great entry in The Witcher franchise. Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, who has worked on things for Netflix as well as shows for other networks, will take the reigns of the series and hopefully slay the beast of expectations for this upcoming series.

Lauren Schmidt Hissrich comes into The Witcher with a fair amount of experience in developing Netflix shows as she served as an executive producer and writer for both Daredevil and The Defenders. Outside of Netflix, Hissrich's writing credits also include Parenthood, Private Practice, and The West Wing. While none of those shows are even remotely similar to the subject matter of The Witcher, Hissrich's range and penchant for working on acclaimed shows should indicate that this series is in good hands.

In addition to serving as showrunner, Variety states that Lauren Schmidt Hissrich will also join the series as an executive producer. Hissrich joins a slew of other executive producers and will have the consultation of writer Andrzej Sapkowski at her disposal to help create the show. Sapkowski, who created The Witcher franchise, indicated the series will be a faithful recreation of his source material which should put to rest any fears that Hissrich will try anything radically different than what's been seen in other adaptations.

Hissrich will be the second person to helm a series based on The Witcher, as the first attempt came in the form of a Polish television series titled Hexer. While people mention the television series, the video games have been one of the biggest things to come from the franchise, and out of Poland in general. Netflix's decision to jump into the franchise comes at a time where Amazon is attempting a live-action series for Lord of the Rings, so it's possible these two will be semi-competitive in attempting to draw the fantasy crowd to their respective networks.

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