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Breaking Bad Bryan Cranston Walter White

If you're a fan of the small screen world, then Breaking Bad is likely a series that needs no introduction. The tale of a high school chemistry teacher cooking crystal meth to support his cancer treatment and provide for his family has become a must-watch facet of modern television, and the fantastic stories created by Vince Gilligan have captured our collective imagination. But for one Massachusetts cop, it apparently wasn't a fantasy, as he allegedly conducted his own Breaking Bad-esque drug ring after getting a little too into the show.

We can't confirm how aggressively Daniel Aimson binge-watched (as people are wont to do) Breaking Bad, but it's pretty clear that he watched enough of the show to emulate certain plot elements. A 36-year-old police officer from Massachusetts has been charged with masterminding a drug ring in his hometown. According to the reports, Aimson began growing marijuana after a series of on-the-job accidents left him with depression, anxiety, and PTSD. He allegedly used resources acquired through his job to start Gus Fring-esque growing operations in two separate residential homes -- all while maintaining his everyday life as a Manchester, Massachusetts cop. Local police were eventually tipped off to Aimson's ring, and when his operations were raided in June 2016, they found no less than 166 separate cannabis plants between these two locations.

Of course, given the fact that Daniel Aimson is now facing six years and four months in jail for his alleged crimes, it might be time for him to start rethinking his legal strategy. In that regard, I happen to know of a great lawyer that might be able to help him out.

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The similarities to Walter White's exploits were apparently not lost on Daniel Aimson when he allegedly conducted this illegal operation. According to the Telegraph report about his exploits, Aimson reportedly even wore a Heisenberg T-shirt on security camera footage. That's about as on-brand as it gets.

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