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With ratings on the rise and competition at an all-time high, it's a good time to be watching the NBA. That is unless you're a fan of the Atlanta Hawks, who currently have one of the worst records in the organization. It appears the Hawks' troubles aren't strictly on the court either, as a woman vomited courtside during last night's game, presumably because she was watching them play so poorly.

In the Hawks' defense, the Miami Heat weren't playing so well last night either, as they ultimately dropped the game to Atlanta 110-104. Maybe this woman saw Atlanta had a shot at winning, and puked out of nerves? Either that, or the mere thought of the Hawks losing a game in the fourth quarter was too much to handle on a night where she paid premium to sit courtside. There's also the chance that she could've been a Heat fan, and the grim realization that a loss to the worst team in the Eastern Conference caused her guts to rumble in a way she just couldn't quite overcome.

Honestly, the most impressive part of this clip is how well composed she is during the incident. It almost looks as though she wasn't expecting things to go down that way, as without the projectile spray, this could be mistaken for a hearty cough. This woman manages to keep things on the down-low so well that the man to the right of her in the video is completely unaware he's getting twice baked stadium food and who knows what else all over his shoes.

Is this the most embarrassing thing a fan has been caught on camera doing in the NBA? Hardly. And if this woman is seeing her sickness all over the web today, she should take comfort in knowing that things could've always been worse. Like, what if this bad case of bubble gut came right as the jumbotron snapped to her for the kiss cam? Hopefully, the mascot shot her a t-shirt out of a cannon to change into following the incident, as that had to be one very expensive walk of shame to the bathroom to clean up. Jokes aside, let's all hope this woman is doing ok, and just a little embarrassed following last night's win for Atlanta.

The Atlanta Hawks next game is against the Indiana Pacers and will be on FSIN or FSSE Wednesday, December 20 at 7:30 p.m. ET. For more on upcoming programming premiering in what's left of 2017, visit our fall premiere guide. Those wishing to see what the future holds for 2018 and television can visit our midseason premiere guide. Anyone wishing to see which television shows were canceled in 2017 can head over to our cancellation guide.

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