NBC Is Letting Will And Grace Fans Stream The Entire Series For The Holidays

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Will & Grace fans have been rewarded for their dedication as of late. First, the Will & Grace revival got renewed for Season 10, and now it's looking as though the series might get its first Golden Globe win after 27 nominations. Perhaps in celebration of that or just an early treat for the holidays, NBC has now unlocked every episode of Will & Grace on the NBC app, which will now allow fans to watch all 201 episodes from now until December 31st.

For anyone trying to tally up how much time they'll have to allocate until the end of 2017 to knock it all out, it would take about four days and five hours straight to get all the way up to the most recent episode. With a week and a few days to watch all those Will & Grace episodes, one might be able to get all the way through them with one or two sleep breaks, although power naps would be more efficient. If an every episode binge just isn't in the cards, at least fans can cherry-pick their favorite episodes with no restrictions from NBC to hold them back!

This includes being able to watch the original Will & Grace series finale, which is a bit odd now considering the show then implied that Will and Grace drifted apart and hadn't spoken in 20 years, although that ending was changed for the sake of the revival. Of course, who would've imagined the series would return more than a decade later with the same fire it had in its prime with television audiences wanting more? Perhaps instead of analyzing the original finale, fans would be better served just hitting up all the holiday episodes, as there are plenty of great ones to choose from.

While Will & Grace is the most prolific title NBC is unlocking for the holidays, it's not the only one. NBC will also be unlocking all episodes of This Is Us, Superstore, Great News, The Brave, and Law & Order True Crime: Menedez Murders for fans to binge on its app over the holidays. Additionally, all aired episodes of Season 2 of The Good Place are available to binge, so anyone who binged Season 1 of the series on Netflix can now catch up on that.

Will & Grace returns to NBC for more episodes on Thursday, January 4 at 9:00 p.m. ET. Anyone wondering what other shows will return or premiere in the new year can head over to our midseason premiere guide and find out. Those still curious as to what 2017 still has to offer in terms of new television can find out by visiting our fall premiere guide. Those wondering which shows of 2017 ended up underperforming or getting kicked off the air for one reason or another can see what all went down at our cancellation guide.

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