Saturday Night Live Hilariously Takes Down Hallmark Christmas Movies In Unaired Sketch

If there's one thing that you can absolutely count on during the holidays, it's the plethora of original Christmas movies airing nonstop from channels like Lifetime and Hallmark. These movies are produced on the cheap and follow a very specific formula, so if you've seen one of them, you've probably seen them all. That's the general idea behind this unaired Saturday Night Live sketch that pokes fun the Hallmark Channel and its extremely predictable original Christmas movies. Check out the video below, which finds James Franco as a long-lost high school flame who also happens to be young Santa.

It's not such a crazy statement to say that original Hallmark Channel Christmas movies aren't actually very original, but that's their charm! Nothing brings a family together like making fun of a movie about a big city girl named Noelle forced to move back to her hometown to run the Christmas light shop and learns that Christmas and love matter more than her career. And maybe she gets advice from a mysterious old man who turns out to be Santa Claus at the end. The point is, these things are predictable and maybe no one is more prepared to light up Hallmark like a Christmas tree than Saturday Night Live.

In a recently released sketch that was originally cut for time, SNL turns its sight to the Hallmark Channel and its endless parade of December Christmas movies. The sketch offers three examples of some of the usual Christmas movies you'll find, all of which were filmed in one month in Ottawa, have similar titles, star the same actors that you vaguely recognize but can't quite place. One such actor is James Franco's Chris Bearstick, a handsome Canadian actor who starred in two movies for no pay. He stars in Yes, Santa! as an old high school flame who also happens to be a young Santa Claus and in Prince Santa as a prince...who is also Santa?

It's a very spot-on skewering from Saturday Night Live, which has had a really solid year of sketches. Kate McKinnon continued to slay this year, Weekend Update had more material than ever, and hosts like Ryan Gosling, Melissa Mcarthy, and Scarlett Johansson led some very fun episodes. Saturday Night Live Season 43 is on a hiatus right now, but it'll be back in January with a new episode hosted by Sam Rockwell. You can watch that episode on January 13, 2018 at 11:30 p.m. EST on NBC.

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