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Paul and Jamie Paul Reiser Helen Hunt Mad About You NBC

As revivals of old television shows continue to grow in popularity with audiences, executives are looking for classic shows to bring back from the dead. With Paul Reiser's celebrity climbing once again following his appearance in Stranger Things Season 2, Mad About You has reportedly entered the arena as a series that might be getting a present-day revival. Reiser isn't the only person that's being talked to either, as it's being reported that both he and Helen Hunt have been informally asked about their interest in bringing the series back to television on a limited run.

Sony isn't officially commenting on whether or not Mad About You is coming back to television, but reports are saying that co-creator and star Paul Reiser is trying to make it happen. The plot, which will pick up in the present day, would apparently feature Jamie and Paul struggling with having an empty home now that their daughter Mabel has been accepted into college. TVLine, who reports the talk of the show's revival comes from multiple sources, said that NBC is currently not involved in the discussion to bring the series back.

Considering the success NBC has had with Will & Grace this year, that's a bit surprising. That said, it wouldn't be shocking if another network would be interested in reviving the show for audiences. After all, even China wanted in on Mad About You a few years back, and while that project didn't last as long as the original, it still had a pretty healthy run. As successful as the original Mad About You was back in the day, it feels as though it would only take official confirmation that this project is happening for the bidding war to start between networks and streaming services. Maybe NBC would throw its hat in the ring if confirmation is announced.

Much like Roseanne, Mad About You might have to retcon a bit of its story if it wished to come back to television. The original series finale (which aired on May 29, 1999) takes place 22 years into the future and featured a grown Mabel detailing the future life of her family and Jamie and Paul's separation. While the couple did eventually get back together in the ending, the separation might be problematic with the tone in which those trying to make this revival happen wish to shop to networks. Then again the series hasn't shied away from those type of uncomfortable moments of the past, so its possible this potential limited series could show what eventually brings Jamie and Paul apart.

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