2008 American Idol Audition Schedule

Ok, I know a lot of you have been waiting to find out when and where Randy, Paula and Simon will scouting out the next crop of American Idol hopefuls. Fortunately, Fox finally posted the information! For those of you interested in trying to show America that you're the next American Idol, the auditions begin in San Francisco in mid-July. Keep in mind that there are all sorts of rules and instructions about how to register, age requirements, what identification you need to bring and all that. For the details, check out Fox's American Idol Website. And if you just want to know what days you need to take off work (or beg your parents to take off from work) in order to head to the nearest audition city, here you go!

San Francisco, California

Venue: Cow Palace

Registration: July 15-16, 2008

Audition Day: July 17, 2008

Louisville, Kentucky

Venue:Freedom Hall

Registration: July 19-20, 2008

Audition Day: July 21, 2008

Phoenix, Arizona

Venue:Jobing.com Arena

Registration: July 23-24, 2008

Audition Day: July 25, 2008

Salt Lake City, Utah

Venue:EnergySolutions Arena

Registration: July 27-28, 2008

Audition Day: July 29, 2008

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Venue:Coliseo de Puerto Rico

Registration: July 31-August 1, 2008

Audition Day: August 2, 2008

Kansas City, Missouri

Venue:Sprint Center

Registration: August 6-7, 2008

Audition Day: August 8, 2008

Jacksonville, Florida

Venue:Veterans Memorial Arena

Registration: August 11-12, 2008

Audition Day: August 13, 2008

East Rutherford, New Jersey

Venue:IZOD Center at The Meadowlands Sports Complex

Registration: August 17-18, 2008

Audition Day: August 19, 2008


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