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Arrow villains are wreaking all kinds of havoc in Star City in this trailer for the back end of Season 6. Cayden James and his criminal cabal appear to have the run of the town in the back half of Season 6 as the heroes look to move forward following their big fallout in the midseason finale. Hopefully, the scattered members of Team Arrow squash their collective beef soon, as fighting apart does not appear to be their strong suit based on what's seen below:

Cayden James appeared to be putting his best Ben Linus-like foot forward in this extended trailer for Arrow's near future, and the midseason premiere, "Divided," will be an action-packed romp. A Diggle-less Oliver Queen looks to put an end to all this violence with the only person he can trust in battle right now, himself. Meanwhile, Curtis, Dinah, and Rene appear to be form their own separate team to stop James, who has taken control of Star City's infrastructure. Fans will get to see how it all plays out soon, but if this trailer and the next episode's title ("We Fall") are any indicator of the heroes' success, things won't go well for them.

That's not a good sign for Star City. The trailer mentioned Cayden James and his gang's actions have resulted in the death of dozens of its citizens. That death count isn't exactly surprising, considering explosions are going off on highways while William and other kids are making their way home from school, but it's still concerning. Oliver's son got a fair amount of screen time in this extended Arrow promo, and he even received a pep talk from his father in the Arrow-cave. William's probably still too young join the fight, which is a shame, since Oliver needs all the help he can get at the moment.

The William scenes might feel out of place amongst explosions and fighting, but it definitely feels as though the concept of family is the overarching theme of this action-packed trailer. The separated members of Team Arrow look as though they're going to struggle to fight the united front of Cayden James and his crew, and it appears as though things won't get any better for Star City unless they can resolve their differences and become a "family" once more. As Diggle so wisely puts it, "This is no time for ego, man," and everyone in and out of Team Arrow needs to take that wisdom to heart if they wish to conquer Star City's latest threat.

Arrow returns to The CW for the rest of Season 6 on Thursday, January 18, at 9:00 p.m. ET. Anyone who may have missed some other superhero shows that have already premiered or returned this year, should head over to our midseason premiere guide to see what all has come so far and what is coming up.

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