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Septa Unella

There's no shortage of superhero shows on the air at any given time, but we can all make room for Krypton-- the prequel set on Superman's home world decades before its fated destruction. The upcoming Syfy pilot stars family members of the House of El, as well as other citizens of Krypton and even some surprising superhero characters. Krypton has been building out its cast, and has recruited a Game of Thrones actor to the ranks. Hannah Waddingham, otherwise known as Septa Unella from Game of Thrones, has been cast has been cast as the villain Jax-Ur.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Hannah Waddingham has been cast on Krypton as Jax-Ur. The character was formerly one of Krypton's greatest scientists with deep ties to the planet's past. She now works to bring radical change to Krypton as the leader of the underground terrorist organization, Black Zero. Traditionally, the character Jax-Ur has been portrayed as a man, and this will be the first time that the character has ever been played by a woman in any medium.

Game of Thrones diehards will recognize Hannah Waddingham as Septa Unella, while Game of Throne casuals will recognize her as The Shame Lady Who Rings a Bell. The character was best known for parading a naked Cersei Lannister through the streets while shouting "SHAME!" and things didn't turn out so well for her once Cersei got her clothes back. Waddingham isn't the only Game of Thrones star to join Krypton. Ian McElhinney will play Van-El, Superman's great-great-grandfather, on the show.

Jax-Ur is a typically villainous character from DC comics. He is most often portrayed as a scientist from Krypton who survived the planet's destruction after he was imprisoned in the Phantom Zone. He has tangled with Superman on a number of occasions across comics and TV shows. Black Zero was originally a part of a clone liberation movement, but it has more recently been revamped as an elite Krypton military force.

Krypton is an upcoming hopeful series developed by David S. Goyer and Damian Kindler. The project is set decades before Superman is born and stars his grandfather, Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe) as he attempts to restore honor to the House of El and save his world from chaos. The rest of the cast includes Georgina Campbell, Ian McElhinney, Elliot Cowan, Ann Ogbomo, and Shaun Sipos as Adam Strange.

The pilot for Krypton will air its pilot on March 21, 2018, on Syfy. For more TV news, keep it right here at CinemaBlend. To learn about all the other shows that will be arriving soon, be sure to check out our midseason premiere guide. For everything that sadly isn't coming back, you can read over our list of cancelledshows here.

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