Grimm's David Giuntoli Is Set To Lead A New TV Show

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Former Grimm star David Giuntoli might be headed back to network television, except this time, he'd be at ABC. Giuntoli has been cast as one of the leads in a pilot for a potential ensemble drama called A Million Little Things. Giuntoli joins the drama in the role of Eddie, who is a music teacher/stay-at-home dad in a concept that sounds somewhat similar to NBC's This Is Us.

While ABC might welcome that comparison, A Million Little Things would prefer to be compared to the 80s film The Big Chill. The potential drama series centers on a group of friends intertwined in each other's lives who all realize they need to start living more when one of them dies unexpectedly. As mentioned, David Giuntoli will co-star as Eddie, a music teacher who loves being a stay-at-home-dad and is in a failing marriage. Following his friend's death, Eddie begins to wonder what his life would be like had he made different decisions, which will lead him to think back on his time as the frontman of a local band.

A Million Little Things hails from creator DJ Nash, who was also responsible for the short-lived NBC series Growing Up Fisher. Nash described the project as a drama that has elements of comedy, which indicates that this show will lean heavier on the drama than comedy. David Giuntoli is just one of the cast of eight friends, which will include four men and four women total. The project is somewhat personal for Nash; he stated back when the series was first ordered that the project is loosely based on his experience after the death of a friend.

David Giuntoli's casting is a strong way to start off the sizable ensemble lineup for A Million Little Things. The actor has been a hot commodity for new projects since the ending of Grimm. Although the actor was attached to a CBS pilot last year titled Misson Control that had a shot at becoming a series, the project did not become a series. Deadline reports that Giuntoli's been sought out by other networks for projects this pilot season, but ultimately landed at ABC. It sounds like a good fit for the actor given the series' serious This Is Us vibes, which will only mean great things for ABC should it go to series and find an audience. Giuntoli's casting is also great news for Grimm fans, who have been eagerly awaiting news on Giuntoli's next big move since the series was cancelled.

A Million Little Things is currently in pilot status at ABC, so no release date or series order has been announced at this time. For a list of shows set for release in 2018, head on over to our midseason premiere guide and see what's happening there.

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