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NCIS Reveals First Look At Drew Carey's Guest Spot

Something is calling Drew Carey back to acting, but this time, he's not headed to Cleveland. A couple weeks after it was announced that the current host of The Price Is Right is headed to an upcoming episode of NCIS to play a murder suspect, a first look at Carey's upcoming guest spot has been revealed:

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It's amazing what a change of glasses can do to a person's face. Drew Carey arguably looks more like a murderer than he usually does in that photo, although casting notes about his role in NCIS indicate his character may have been set up. Carey will play a retired Marine Sergeant named John Ross, who is accused of murder after one of his care packages is found to contain cookies laced with cyanide. One soldier is dead following this unfortunate accident, and if one care-package cookie was laced with cyanide, who's to say there aren't more in other boxes?

Drew Carey's John Ross isn't guilty just yet, however, as his character will maintain he's innocent and that he was framed. Ross will get a shot at redemption and team up with Gibbs and the NCIS crew to attempt to capture the real culprit behind this crime. The photo (via EW) appears to show Gibbs holding Ross back from someone he wishes to hurt. Could it be that Carey's Ross suspects someone just off-camera is responsible for the crime?

NCIS fans can only hope so, as it's hard to imagine Drew Carey in the role of a stone-cold murderer. The guy gives life-changing prizes out daily for crying out loud! Of course, showrunners Frank Cardea and George Schenck specifically cast Carey as the character for that reason, so don't be surprised if it's revealed that the retired marine seeking redemption is actually a calculated mastermind who gets exposed by sheer chance.

That said, Drew Carey's John Ross is a bit more complex than merely a good or bad guy. The retired marine was a prisoner of war during his time as a serviceman, and some of that experience will definitely lead Carey to act in a manner in which his fans might not be used to, which could also explain the casting decision. Carey has a little more experience than just acting to take into this NCIS role, as he served in the Marine Reserves back in the early to mid-80s. Carey found his signature look of a crew-cut and horned rim glasses while serving in the Marines, so it's a bit sad to see him opting for some wire rim frames for his appearance in the episode.

Drew Carey's guest starring episode of NCIS will air on CBS Tuesday, March 6 at 8 p.m. ET. For more information on other upcoming shows that will premiere in 2018, head on over to our midseason premiere guide.

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