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Few celebs out there are experiencing the kind of meteoric rise that Sterling K. Brown has enjoyed in recent years. He's currently in one of the biggest shows on TV, This Is Us, and he's also in the biggest movie in the country right now, Black Panther. Soon, he'll make his debut as guest host on Saturday Night Live, which is as sure an indicator as any that someone has "made it." It'll be great to watch him show off his comedic chops, and Brown has a great idea for what SNL should do with him.

I would expect either a This Is Us or O.J. spoof, or both. I expect to do something definitely with Leslie [Jones]. But my biggest pitch will be, can I do something on "Weekend Update?" Because the hosts haven't been doing a lot of Weekend Update lately, so hopefully I can get a segment on "Weekend Update." That would be my only pitch.

We have seemingly hit a point in modern history where SNL's "Weekend Update" can't keep up with all the bizarre and controversial stories coming out of Hollywood, Washington D.C. and the rest of the country (and world). Or perhaps there are other reasons why Colin Jost and Michael Che's signature segment hasn't popped up on a regular weekly basis. For instance, perhaps they just haven't had enough Sterling K. Brown around to use. (The most recent episode used "Weekend Update" to bid farewell to departing White House communications director Hope Hicks.)

While the actor's performances on Army Wives, American Crime Story and This Is Us all fall heavily on the dramatic side of the spectrum, Sterling K. Brown is handily able to bring a room's mood up just by flashing his brilliant smile. And This Is Us fans know that Randall Pearson can be the silliest character on that show, so we're always ready to see more of that personality come to light. And if it happens through spoofing the NBC family drama and/or his work as O.J. trial lawyer Christopher Darden, so be it. Brown also recently signed on for a guest role in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, so he likely wants to prove himself capable in all genres.

What's more, Sterling K. Brown doesn't appear to be housing much nervousness about hosting SNL for the first time, mostly because he know the show is full of trustworthy professionals.

The thing that I'm most nervous about is I'm delivering the commencement address at Stanford University. That's what I'm nervous about. When I go to SNL, they have really talented writers who are pretty good at what they do, who are not going to let a brother fall flat on his face. So I have a support network there to keep me buoyed about.

Sterling K. Brown will be front and center on Saturday Night Live on Saturday, March 10, at 11:30 p.m. ET. To see other hosts that are still coming, head to our updated SNL host list, and then jump over to our midseason premiere schedule to plan your primetime viewing.

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