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Mad About You with Helen Hunt

1990s nostalgia is in full swing, and networks are swooping up what old IPs they can in order to compete in the crowded TV landscape. One only has to look at the success of Will and Grace or the recent ratings performance of Roseanne to see that audiences are more than happy to revisit old shows. Mad About You is one of the TV shows in the running for a revival and though there's been no official word from anyone, original series star Helen Hunt reveals that she and her old co-star Paul Reiser have been talking about it.

It's possible. Paul and I feel really proud of the work we did, and we left it in the best way we knew how to do. And so I think any hesitation on both of our parts is that we don't want to mess it up. But we're talking about it.

It was reported at the tail-end of 2017 that Sony had informally gauged the interest levels of Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt on doing a limited run revival of their hit 90s sitcom Mad About You, which followed a married couple living in New York City. Nothing was official yet, with NBC apparently not involved in the conversation, but the important thing to note is that the talks were happening. There's still no strong indicator as to if the show is returning to primetime, but the two stars of the show have been talking and a revival "is possible" according to Helen Hunt.

While speaking with Yahoo Entertainment, Helen Hunt revealed that she and Paul Reiser had been discussing whether they wanted to return for the eighth season of Mad About You. Any hesitation on their part comes from wanting to make sure that they don't "mess it up." The two are also proud of the way they ended the show, with their adult daughter Mabel describing her family's next 22 years.

Given the success of recent TV revivals and the history of Mad About You, it would make sense for a network to snatch up that project. The series originally ran for seven seasons, and Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt each received a historic $1 million per episode during the final season. Hunt alone won four consecutive Emmys for her work on the show. The two main stars have to be onboard for the revival to happen, so we'll have to see if the duo come around on the project soon.

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