Jack Bauer may be running out of time, but it looks like Fox is giving the creators of ‘24’ another hour. 20th Century Fox and Real Time Productions are producing a new pilot written by Bob Chochran and David Ehrman. The series has a pilot deal, which includes seven-figures. So what sort of awesomeness does that buy?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new series, with a working title of ‘NSA Innocent,’ follows an average schmo forced to be a spy for the NSA. There’s no word on whether time will play an integral part in the show as it does in ’24,’ but if we’re going to have spin-offs (or relative ones) I’ll take something from the CTU crew.

Now we just need a few ‘Law & Order’ type ‘24’ children to make it all complete. Catch ‘24’ when it returns to Fox this January.

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