Revolution has brought a 24 alum on board to play a President. Leslie Hope, who played Jack Bauer’s wife on the first season of the Fox drama, will be joining the second half of the freshman season of NBC’s post-apocalyptic series.

Hope will be playing President Foster, according the EW, the leader of the Georgia Federation. She is described as a tough and seasoned leader who take the reigns of the federation just to the south of the Monroe Republic, where the first portion of the season has been set. The Georgia Federation is an area that occupies most of what once was the American South, including Florida, and borders Texas.

Hope’s most recent television role was a guest spot on Castle, and she starred in the short-lived ABC drama The River in 2012. She also appeared on The Mentalist both in 2008 and again for a three-episode arc in 2012. Her role on Revolution is expected to be a recurring arc that will span the remaining episodes of the first season.

Revolution stars Billy Burke, Giancarlo Esposito, and Tracy Spiridakos among an ensemble cast and takes place in a future where all sources of energy have mysteriously disappeared. The series will resume its first season on March 25th on NBC; the show has been on a long break since the end of November. You can check out the spring preview to keep you sated until the show finally gets back on the air in another couple of months.

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