May 5 is still months away, though it feels like an eternity, especially for those who've endured months of cold weather and are eager for Spring. But on the bright side, we're now close enough to the premiere of 24: Live Another Day to see some actual footage from the event series, which has Jack Bauer back in action and on the run in London.

Last we saw Jack Bauer, he was shuffling off into the sunset, a grief-stricken, exhausted, wanted man. The trailer shows him being spotted on a security camera. There's talk of a Presidential assassination on foreign soil, which could cause a World War. it's very possible that's exactly what someone wants. And then there's the expected push-back against Jack Bauer from his own government.

Here's where things get a bit more spoilery...

We know from the recently released photos that Tate Donovan -- the man heard saying Jack Bauer is a traitor and a psychopath -- is the President's Chief of Staff. And by President, we mean James Heller! (returner William Devane). Did we also mention that Donovan's Mark Boudreau is Audrey's husband?


So, does he genuinely distrust Jack Bauer or is he biased against him because of Jack's relationship with Audrey? Maybe a little bit of both? Either way, I'm guessing Donovan's character is a problem, and probably one of many for Jack Bauer.

It's also worth noting that we heard Jack saying "There's no going home for me," which isn't a surprise, given that he's a fugitive. His involvement in stopping whatever someone's planning in this 12-episode event series is likely with the knowledge that it's a one-way trip for him. Or that's what he's assuming anyway. And with nothing to lose, we might see an even more determined and fearless Jack Bauer than we have in the past. Just a bit of speculation there.

It also looks like the President is getting some flack for Drone policies. There's a quick glimpse of people protesting Drones at about the :19. That could certainly factor into the plot.

We know from the description for the series that Jack's being tracked by the CIA, including Benjamin Bratt's Steve Navarrow and Yvonne Strahovski's Kate Morgan, the latter of whom is described as both resourceful and ruthless. So perhaps we'll see her facing off with Jack Bauer at some point?

Fortunately for Jack, it looks like he has Chloe at her side. Unfortunately for both of them, it looks like at one point they're running away from an explosion. All in a day's work, right?

Here's a glimpse at Choe doing what she does best (talking on the phone and working at a computer at the same time)...


24: Live Another Day premieres Monday, May 5 at 9:00 p.m. ET on FOX.

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