Spoilers below for Westworld's Season 2 premiere, so be sure to watch before reading on.

With its long-awaited Season 2 premiere, Westworld blasted myriad holes through our expectations, somehow expanding exponentially upon its already dense web of morally challenged stories. Throughout the extended episode, many of our outstanding Season 1 questions were addressed (if not fully answered), and many more sprouted up from the drama's vast and mysterious landscape. Delores' central quest couldn't be questioned, since Evan Rachel Wood's stellar performance made it all sound perfectly reasonable, so that's not on here. But we still have lots of others, so join us in discussing several of them below.

What Is The Door?

Now that the stakes are real within Westworld, The Man in Black is finally getting the big adventure that he'd been looking for, with Robert's youthful A.I. host giving him a new big and enigmatic goal: to find The Door. We know from previous reports that Season 2 is unofficially being dubbed The Door by creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, while Season 1 was called The Maze. We also know there is probably a both a literal door and a metaphorical door at play here, but where is it, and what are the overall implications for that discovery?

If Robert conceived The Man in Black's new game alongside his more devious plan to gear the hosts up for a hostile takeover, do we then believe The Door is Robert's way of giving humanity one last shot at a redemptive victory? If Robert's ultimate goal was to protect the hosts through the rampant chaos that was coming, then why would he develop any other "game" for William, the park's true savior, if it isn't meant to as a loophole for William to be the hero anew? Possibly a distraction to throw him off Delores' path? That sounds about right, too.

How Many Timelines Are There?

"Is this now?" More relevant words have rarely been spoken on Westworld, and Jeffrey Wright is the perfect person to speak them, considering the actor can technically be around for each of the show's timelines as both Arnold and Bernard. The Present seems to currently feature Delos' militarized group tracking down Delores by following her gory trek for artificially intelligent freedom and justice. Timeline 2 is The Night Of The Massacre, in which viewers followed along with Bernard and Charlotte from a barn full of desperate dummies to beyond, as Delores and Teddy blazed their trail through the countryside, while Maeve used narrative director Lee within the labs.

But then we also know from the trailers that Jimmi Simpson's pre-MIB William and Ben Barnes' Logan will also be back, so we'll probably see more about the two men's investments in the park in the time after their Season 1 exploits. Will that be the only previous timeline, though? Or could we perhaps see more from Robert Ford's early days developing the park's attractions, perhaps alongside Bernard's human inspiration, Arnold? And then there are a dozen other timelines that could be used as well, I guess, so keep a close eye on continuity throughout the season.

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