More Westworld Characters Have Finally Been Confirmed For Season 2

Elsie in the park

The TV renaissance is in full swing at the moment. Between cable, network TV, and premium services, there's no shortage of fantastic content being produced. As such, plenty of film actors are making the transition to the small screen. Case in point: HBO's Westworld, which assembled a fantastic cast of actors. But throughout the course of the show's first season, plenty of characters' fates were left in question. Now we know a handful of Westworld actors who are returning for Season 2, revealing that they're actually still alive in the show.

A new report just revealed that actors Tessa Thompson, Shannon Woodward, Luke Hemsworth, and Simon Quarterman are all returning to play the various employees of Delos in Season 2. Each of these (mostly) innocent characters were shown to be in great peril throughout Westworld's first season, with some of them definitely looking like they might have died along the way. But they'll all be back, which should excite the fans who fell in love with Season 1. Now let's recap where we left each of these characters.

Perhaps the most exciting news is that Shannon Woodward's Elsie managed to survive Westworld's first season. Elsie was last seen in the sixth episode, investigating a foreign party's influence over the park. But as she got close, someone grabbed her from behind (likely Bernard). Bernard's memories indicated he might have strangled her, although now it looks like she'll be attempting to survive the park alongside the rest of the guests and investors.

According to EW, Tessa Thompson is also set to reprise her role as as Charlotte Hale. Charlotte was last seen when chaos erupted into the park, as the retired hosts descended upon the board with the ability to hard guests. She'll be fighting for her survival in Westworld, with her power stripped away. Meanwhile, story writer Lee Sizemore will be the latest hostage of Thandie Newton's vengeful Maeve.

Tessa Thompson in Westworld

Luke Hemsworth's Ashley is another character who went missing during Season 1, after being abducted by the mysterious tribe of Native American hosts. The Ghost Nation has been known to scalp any enemies, so Ashley is going to have to think of something quick before he ends up dead within the park.

It should be interesting to see how each of these Delos employees manage to adjust to the hellish true nature of Westworld. At the behest of Robert Ford, Dolores has essentially started a revolution. The hosts are taking their home back, and not all of the above mentioned characters are going to make it out alive.

Luckily, Westworld seems to have booked almost its entire starring cast to return for Season 2, with the exception being Anthony Hopkins. The rest of the cast will be back when the series returns in just a month, and the fans are eager for it to finally begin.

Westworld will debut Season 2 April 22 on HBO. In the meantime, check out our midseason premiere list to plan your next binge watch. Plus, check our Amazon premiere list and superhero premiere list to ensure you don't miss a single episode.

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