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America's Got Talent is bringing back the champions

Ahead of its season premiere, NBC has announced that America's Got Talent will be pitting its greatest champions against each other. And it's all happening in an upcoming take-off of the popular summer series. The series' creator, Simon Cowell, will return to sit aboard the judging panel in the new show, which will select from its bevy of fan favorites to compete on the Champions edition this winter. And that's not all the spinoff will have going for it.

America's Got Talent: The Champions will not only include talent from previous season's of America's Got Talent, but from the entire world. That's right, competitors from the global Got Talent franchise, which spans over 180 countries, will be among those chosen to compete on the Champions edition. Given that the show is giving itself so much talent to choose from, this concept could continue for multiple seasons.

In its statement announcing the 2018-2019 winter edition of the series, NBC did not confirm any of the competitors that will be part of America's Got Talent: The Champions. This will be the first time America's Got Talent has toyed with this sort of version of the show. Shows such as ABC's Dancing with the Stars have tried a similar format to highly entertaining results in that past, for a single season.

While fans will not be discovering new talent, in terms of the America's Got Talent universe, they will get a chance to see competitors from around the world. Before now, the primary opportunity to discover the franchise's worldwide talent came from perusing YouTube clips. Now fans will get see them take the stage in America, which sounds incredibly exciting.

One person fans would probably be interested in seeing compete in the Champions edition is Susan Boyle. While the talented singer wowed viewers and judges alike on Britain's Got Talent, she placed second in her season of the competition. Could she win America's Got Talent: The Champions? It would be wonderful to see her compete and find out.

America's Got Talent: The Champions will not limit itself to recent seasons when selecting potential competitors; instead, it will cull from the series' historical run. They should make a show about how the series managed to narrow down and select the talent that will compete. It would be fascinating to learn what went into the process of making the decisions. For now, fans will have to stay tuned and see who they select.

America's Got Talent will return for Season 13 on May 29 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC, according to the show's website. The Champions edition of the show will premiere this winter. For what's coming up this fall, check out our 2018 network TV rundown. If you want to know what TV has in store before fall arrives, we have you covered with our summer premiere schedule.