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Callie Torres

It's a big night for Grey's Anatomy fans. The long running medical drama is ending its whopping 14th season with tonight's finale. With Jo and Alex's wedding serving as the backdrop, the pressure is on to deliver a satisfying conclusion to the season. The episode also has to find a way to write out two of the show's series regulars: April (Sarah Drew) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw). While it looks like the latter will be headed to New York, fans were hoping that Sara Ramirez might pop back up in the episode for Alex's wedding, and help bring Sofia and Arizona to NYC. Bad news: it doesn't look like that's happening. Ramirez addressed this rumor in Twitter, check it out:

While Sara Ramirez doesn't seem to have any ill will toward Grey's Anatomy, she doesn't seem particularly interesting in reprising her role on the medical drama anytime soon. Now let's see how the show explains Callie's absence from the big day.

Sara Ramirez's tweet may have disappointed the hardcore Grey's fans out there who were hoping for one more scene with Callie and Arizona. The duo is one of the show's most epic love stories, even though it ultimately ended with divorce and a lost limb. And considering how much Callie cares for Alex throughout the years, it would have made sense for her to attend his wedding.

Calls for Callie's return to Grey's Anatomy are no doubt tethered to the character's strange exit from the show. Sara Ramirez's decision to leave the show seemingly caught us all by surprise, and Callie wasn't really given a proper goodbye. The Orthopedic Surgeon was barely featured in her final episode, with news dropping that she was moving to New York with Penny almost as an afterthought.

Since departing Grey's Anatomy, Sara Ramirez has certainly been keeping herself busy. She's currently starring in Madam Secretary as policy advisor Kat Sandoval. The Tony Award winning actress has completely changed her appearance for the role, so she'd be almost recognizable as Callie. While Ramirez and other alums like Sandra Oh seem open to returning for a series finale, they simply don't want to pop back up otherwise. After all, they left Grey's for a reason.

While Callie won't be at the wedding, there's plenty of drama to explore with Grey's Anatomy's upcoming finale. April has miraculously recovered from her near death experience, and all eyes are on Alex and Jo for their nuptials. But with two characters to write off, there's sure to be plenty of non-wedding drama.

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