The Handmaid's Tale Just Changed The Game With That Explosive Twist

Ofglen #2 pressing the trigger

Massive spoilers ahead for the most recent episode of The Handmaid's Tale. If you haven't seen "First Blood", look away!

There was a ton of hype and anticipation surrounding The Handmaid's Tale ahead of its second season. After cleaning up at last year's Emmys, it was unclear how the show would continue without the guidance of Margaret Atwood's novel. But Season 2 has continued to devastate and surprise Hulu's subscribers, and the most recent episode is certainly no exception. After watching June and Serena Joy spar for an episode, Gilead as we knew it was changed when the new Ofglen ran at the organization's leadership with a bomb strapped to her. Boom.

It was a shocking moment of violence, with the Handmaid making a complete about face from the girl we first met, and the audience left feeling conflicted about the shocking macguffin. Now one thing is clear: this is war. Up until this point we've only heard faint whispers of Mayday and the underground resistance against Gilead, but this type of attack made it clear that their resources are vast. The Handmaids are fighting back, and as the title suggests, they've finally drawn first blood.

The continued war against Gilead is just one way that The Handmaid's Tale (opens in new tab) has continued to surprise and expand in the show's sophomore season on Hulu. Rather than being solely focused on June's life as a Handmaids, we're also following stories in The Colonies and Canada. One can assume that Mayday will become a bigger part of the narrative as the series continues on, and June once again rises up to resist. She's still got most of those letters, and is presumably waiting contact on when to pass them off. It's just a question of when. One thing is clear: we don't know what to expect anymore.

Ofglen #2's attack on Gilead could also have grave implications in regards to a few characters, in particular Fred Waterford. He seemed pretty close to the blast, and it would be a major shock if the show actually kill off The Commander. This would no doubt intensify Serena and June's civil war within the house, although it would unfortunately end the growing tensions between Fred and Nick.

The new Ofglen entered the show last season after Emily (Alexis Bledel) was caught having an affair with a Martha, and moved to a new house. The new Ofglen believed Gilead was better than her life on the streets, and seemed like a true believer. But she ultimately defied Aunt Lydia for Janine in the Season 1 finale, was beaten and had her tongue cut off. Ofglen was silently featured a few times during the new episode, but no one could have predicted her ending.

Another character that might have been killed is also Commander Pryce (Robert Curtis Brown), who is Nick's superior and mentor within Gilead. Nick has just hinted that he was going to give a full report on Waterford, and pleaded for Pryce to protect Offred. This seemed like a glimmer of hope for Nick's survival, so it would make sense of The Handmaid's Tale ripped it away and forced him back into the home with his child bride. The show is cruel that way.

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Corey Chichizola
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