Anyone who sees Mrs. Krabappel's name on paper almost definitely reads it as if it were the traditional spelling of "crabapple," which is obviously intentional. But as Mike Reiss put it, the whole joke behind giving her that name seems to have flown over the heads of some fans. (For the record, Reiss also explained that not even he is immediately aware of the jokes that are imbued in some of the show's proper names.)

Bart's teacher is named Mrs. Krabappel (pronounced kruh-BOP-el), yet no student ever thinks to mock her as 'Mrs. Crabapple.' The joke here is that we don't do the joke. It's the same way Arnie Pye's helicopter traffic report is called 'Arnie in the Sky' instead of the pun 'Pye in the Sky.' I'm not sure anyone ever gets these jokes. That includes me: ten years after Jeff Martin named Homer's barbershop quartet the Be Sharps, I looked at a piano and realized there is no B-sharp!

It feels like I must have had an amused reaction to the first time "Arnie in the Sky" was used, but hearing that bit of info just now got me all the same. What Simpsons names have you wondered about the most over the years? Let us know in the comments, and check out how the show looked back to the past to parody Six Feet Under during its most recent season finale. Simpsons Confidential is currently available for purchase, and stay tuned for The Simpsons' record-breaking Season 30 when it kicks off on Fox this fall. In the meantime, head to our summer premiere schedule to see all the shows that have yet to debut.

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