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As it has gone in recent years, American Horror Story fans have entered the summer months without very many concrete ideas about what the next season will be about, though Season 8 is at least known to be set in the not-so-distant future. Now, co-creator Ryan Murphy has offered up one hell(house) of a reveal in confirming Season 8 will feature the long-rumored crossover between Murder House and Coven...somehow. Here's how he put it.

This is quite a bit of a shock, as fans were expecting to make it all the way through the eighth batch of episodes before re-donning the black dresses, black hats and sunglasses that made the women of American Horror Story: Coven look so fashionably evil. But nope. According to Ryan Murphy, we can already start getting prepared to witness worlds colliding between New Orleans' most bewitching crew and... well, whatever elements from Murder House that will get used. So get pumped!

Actually, I'm quite curious about how Murder House is even up for any kind of a crossover season, considering almost all of the major players from that storyline are dead. (Could this mean the return of Jessica Lange?) Had Season 8 taken place at some point in the past, that would have been one thing; and one that we would have been used to, since Season 1 utilized multiple flashbacks throughout. We've already seen Matt Ross' Dr. Montgomery making a cameo in a recent season, so perhaps the whole Infantata plotline will get resurrected and ported over to Season 8. My fingers are crossed, anyway.

We do already know a number of actors who will be returning to American Horror Story for Season 8. Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters and Kathy Bates were the first trio confirmed, and Billie Lourd was later added to the list. As for new cast members, the crossover season will boast Hollywood mainstay Joan Collins. I am now hoping that she is the Most Supremely Supreme Witch above all the young witches. And while I'm at it, I'm also hoping for more Lily Rabe this year.

American Horror Story has found interesting ways both to bring characters from past seasons back in new ways, as well as answering long-held questions. As such, getting an entire crossover season sounds almost magical. Even if it means having to see some of our favorite characters go through yet another season of blood-soaked sadism.

American Horror Story: The Lying, The Witch And Jessica Lange's Wardrobe, which is what I'll be calling Season 8 until something more official comes out, will hit FX at some point in the early fall season. To see what will be popping up before then, head to our summer premiere schedule.