Child's Play TV Show Confirmed By Creator Don Mancini, And We're Already Freaking Out

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As one of the most iconic horror movie monsters of the modern era, Child's Play villain Chucky also looks the most innocent. The possessed and totally not innocent doll will apparently soon usher in a new era of his signature gory mayhem, as franchise creator Don Mancini has released a teaser confirming a Child's Play TV series is on the way. Check it out!

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This tweet may lack an overall list of concrete details, but I'm not sure it could better inspire rabid fan joy in any other way. Chucky shifting to an episodic format is something that should have happened years ago, although we might not have gotten the film franchise's interestingly bonkers turns had that been the case. As such, 2018 (or 2019) the perfect time to get a new generation of genre fanatics invested in Chucky's sordid history.

Assuming no changes have occurred behind the scenes since Don Mancini first hinted at Child's Play heading to TV, audiences can indeed expect for the show to continue the increasingly bizarre storyline that first came alive back in 1988. So no worries about this being a far-flung reboot. Mancini had also confirmed at the time that voice star Brad Dourif would be returning to play Chucky for the TV show. Which is amazing, because while it wouldn't be impossible to get into a newly revamped Child's Play mythos, I cannot and will not imagine anyone else beyond Dourif trying to voice Chucky.

Knowing this new project aims to carry on Chucky's ongoing tale makes the teaser's aesthetic all the more intriguing. With its digitized glitches, it actually looks like a recording on a non-pristine VHS tape, as viewed through the kind of television model referred to in the old saying "Do not adjust your set." So is that just a winking nod to the decade in which Chucky was birthed, or is it hinting at something more story-based? Is it even worth theorizing about? Nah, because it doesn't matter, and it'll probably be awesome no matter what.

Let's hope that this Child's Play TV show can do its part to make Don Mancini's excellent Freddy Krueger and Chucky crossover pitch a reality. I mean, it's not likely, but we can always dream a little dream, can't we?

Without any big details to go by in Don Mancini's visual announcement, fans can now begin waiting in earnest to see when and where Child's Play will take over our TV screens in the future. In the meantime, check out all the other spooky and unsettling shows that are on the way by bookmarking our summer premiere schedule.

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