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The nominations for the 2018 Emmy Awards were announced on July 12, and there were definitely some surprises and certainly some snubs. Fans of CBS' The Big Bang Theory were undoubtedly disappointed to discover that the long-running sitcom had only been nominated in two categories. The Big Bang Theory is one of the biggest and most popular shows on television, and viewers naturally may have expected it to get more attention from the biggest awards in the television biz. Well, as it turns out, The Big Bang Theory did score more than two Emmy nominations this year. Due to an error in the nomination announcements, the news that The Big Bang Theory would be recognized in a third category came late. Here's what happened.

When the Emmy nominations were released, THR noted that there seemed to be something wrong with one of the categories. In the Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series category, a new rule for 2018 required that at least one of the nominees come from a multi-camera show and at least one from a single-camera show. The six initially announced nominated directors came from GLOW, Barry, Silicon Valley, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and two from Atlanta. Those shows are all single-camera series, which meant the category was missing at least one multi-cam show.

After the omission was brought to the TV Academy's attention, the Academy released a statement to announce that The Big Bang Theory's director for the Season 11 finale was also nominated for Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series, and its omission from the earlier announcement was inadvertent. The official 2018 Emmy nomination count for The Big Bang Theory is now up to a grand total of 3.

In addition to The Big Bang Theory director Mark Cendrowski scoring the nomination in Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series, the show scored a nomination for Outstanding Multi-Camera Picture Editing and for Outstanding Technical Direction, Camerawork, Video Control. All three nominations are for the Season 11 finale that saw Sheldon and Amy tie the knot, Mark Hamill officiate the ceremony, and various other shenanigans.

While The Big Bang Theory didn't make CinemaBlend's list of snubs in the 2018 Emmy nominations (which you can read here), others may have considered it a shame that the show didn't get at least one more. I'm not sure that fans will be thrilled that the extra nomination was for a directing category rather than for a higher-profile category like Outstanding Comedy Series, but the show has gotten its fair share of awards attention during its 11 years on the air so far. Maybe newer shows like Atlanta, Barry, GLOW, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel deserve a shot at that top category.

If you're interested in more Emmy news, check out our breakdown of the 2018 Emmy Nominations. History has already been made, and there's plenty to debate while we wait for the big event. The two SNL cast members who will host will have a busy night ahead of them.

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