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America's Got Talent is a show that has featured a litany of agile acrobats, oddball performers, and perhaps too many singers for years now, which means its judges are no strangers to watching a perfectly planned performance go awry. That said, even the show's most emotionally hardened judges were rattled when a dangerous trapeze act turned hazardous. Luckily, no one was seriously injured, and the athletic couple still managed to wow the celeb panel with their heart-stopping performance. Check it out.

Duo Transcend's performance was a showstopper, and not just because of its abrupt and unexpected end. Tyce and Mary relied on the audience's belief that he could suddenly drop her while performing any one of their death-defying stunts, and every time the risk seemed untoppable, they upped the ante. Unfortunately, the crowd's worries were proven to be justified when Tyce took things a bit too far by attempting to catch Mary while blindfolded, which nearly resulted in her taking a head-first fall down onto the America's Got Talent stage.

The fall was scary, although Duo Transcend truly seemed more scared about elimination from the competition than potential injuries, as they requested permission to attempt the stunt again. Thankfully, perhaps, the America's Got Talent judges stepped in to spare viewers and Mary from another possible fall, assuring the couple their performance was already impressive enough to advance them in the show. As Simon Cowell said, AGT often moves forward with singers who make slight mistakes in their performance, so why should they treat acrobats any differently?

Duo Transcend's blindfold stunt may have seemed reckless to some America's Got Talent fans, although it's worth noting it's not the only time that vision was an issue during the performance. Male acrobat Tyce actually has a progressive eye disease, which has left him legally blind in one eye. That certainly makes the performance all the more incredible to witness a second time around, provided viewers can stomach watching that rough fall Mary took right around the two-minute mark.

The fall looked bad, and had to hurt in some way, but Duo Transcend were prepared for a scenario where one or both of them fell during the performance. America's Got Talent's camera work made it look as though Mary did fall on the hard stage, which made it nothing short of incredible when she stood up looking more embarrassed than anything else. In reality, the acrobat slammed into a soft-but-sturdy safety mat just below, which probably still hurt, but helped turn a potential tragedy into a moment that all involved will presumably laugh off weeks from now.

With more high-flying action yet to come this season, America's Got Talent airs on NBC Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. For other summer shows to watch between new episodes, be sure to check out our handy summer premiere guide. For more on AGT, check out which judge might not be around when the show returns next season.