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The Supernatural spinoff Wayward Sisters is not happening, and according to The CW's president Mark Pedowitz, there may not be a future for the series outside of the original show. While that is bleak news, there is some good news for fans of Supernatural and the characters who had been set to take center stage in Wayward Sisters. They are not disappearing from the canvas of the original series. That's right! Supernatural's showrunner has confirmed that all of the spinoff's characters will appear in Season 14.

With news like this, you definitely want some details, and Supernatural's showrunner Andrew Dabb has provided them to EW. Dabb says that the writing team has found a way to organically bring all of the characters from Wayward Sisters into Season 14's storyline. And that's not all. The show will also address the dangling plot threads unraveled in the pilot for the spinoff.

Those threads will tie in with Michael's storyline, so prepare for a lot of stories to converge with one another. Now if you are wondering how many episodes the Wayward Sisters cast will appear in, Supernatural's showrunner did not give a specific number. Rather, he stated that they will be in "multiple" episodes of Season 14. The keyword that he did use was "fold," which indicates that fans should not expect any of the plots involving the spinoff's cast to feel forced.

That is a crucial component when you are undertaking such a task. The key is to feature the players from the Supernatural spinoff without disturbing the flow of the original series, which fans invested in first. Making that easier is that Wayward Sisters' backdoor pilot aired as part of Supernatural's thirteenth season, so fans of the original were given the room to be invested.

While many fans are bummed and probably still a bit surprised by The CW passing on Wayward Sisters, this news about Supernatural Season 14 may help take the sting out of it a bit. For fans hoping to see the universe of the veteran series live on in another show, there is still reason to keep fingers crossed. The original series is not over, so who knows what the future could hold.

As for the ensemble of Wayward Sisters, Supernatural Season 14 will see them taking on some more adventures. Find out how Sam, Dean, and Cas' story continues to unfold along with the cast of the spinoff when the original drama returns.

Supernatural Season 14 will premiere Thursday, October 11 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. For other new television shows set to bow this fall, check out CinemaBlend's guide to TV's fall premieres. If you are solely curious about what's coming up on The CW's lineup, feel free to check out the network's fall schedule here.