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better call saul gale

Major spoiler warning for anyone who hasn't yet watched Better Call Saul's latest episode.

As the timeline between Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad gets narrower by the week, the chances become greater for more fan-pleasing crossover moments between the dramas. In Season 3, the spinoff made perhaps its biggest connection yet by introducing Gus Fring and his crew, and much to everyone's delight, Season 4 re-introduced the beloved chemist Gale Boetticher. Here, actor David Costabile explains that co-creator Peter Gould actually first discussed Gale's return with him years ago, when the show was still filming Season 1.

[Peter] was like, 'We should have you back on the show.' I thought he was just being nice. 'You were on that other show that was such a big hit for us, and we shot you in the face, so you might as well come on back and be alive!'

For all the fans wondering if Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould fly by the seats of their pants when putting together outlines for Better Call Saul seasons, this should serve as minor proof of how organized the planning process was. They may not have known exactly what season and what episode Gale would make his big return in, or what hard-to-remember ditty he'd be singing, or even if the show would last as long as it took to make it happen, but the possibility seemingly didn't exist for Better Call Saul to get into Gus Fring's criminal empire without looping Gale into the mix.

Of course, Gale's arrival was more of a tease than actual Better Call Saul substance, with Gus Fring paying a short visit to the obsessive chemist. Thumbing his nose at the quality of meth going around, Gale offered to make near-perfect versions of the drug directly for Gus, who politely declined and said that Gale was destined for better things. Breaking Bad viewers know that prophecy can only necessarily be true up until a certain exchange between Gale and Jesse, adding contextual weight. And also whetting fans' appetites for Gale to get a more prominent role in the near future.

Will that even happen, though? When speaking with TVLine, David Costabile was asked about his chances of returning to Better Call Saul, which predictably got a cagey answer.

Are you kidding me? Those AMC thugs will come and get me, trust me. It will remain to be seen how the story develops... and how it would or could collide with those other stories.

The safe bet is that we'll see Gale Boetticher again once the Salamancas' business droops and Gus can further develop his part of the kingdom with more in-house product, even if we're not entirely sure when that'll happen. But we're happy to wait, since that point will also likely bring about the introduction of Dean Norris' DEA Agent Hank Schrader. Until then, though, let's sing: "There's antimony, arsenic, aluminum, selenium..."

Better Call Saul will hopefully keep delivering enjoyable Breaking Bad cameos and product placements when it airs on AMC every Monday night at 9:00 p.m. ET. To see what other shows will be slipping (Jimmy) onto your TVs soon, head to our fall premiere schedule.