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Prepare yourself for some epic news, Marshmallows! Although it has seemed over the past few years that the last time we would ever see Veronica Mars and Co. would be in the fan-funded 2014 movie, many -- including members of the cast -- have held out hope that the show itself would get a small screen revival. Well, that revival may finally be happening. Veronica Mars could air a new batch of episodes on Hulu.

Hulu is reportedly developing a Veronica Mars revival that would bring original series star Kristen Bell back as leading lady, which isn't altogether shocking. Her comments about the possibility of more Mars in the years since the movie have been positive and the brightest beacon of hope for the show coming back. Original series creator Rob Thomas would apparently be back as writer. Now, fans shouldn't starting celebrating too hard just yet, as Variety reports that no official deal is final at this point and no other original series stars beyond Bell are attached. Any plot details are shrouded in mystery.

We shouldn't expect a Veronica Mars revival to last as long as the first three seasons. Kristen Bell's commitments to The Good Place on NBC keep her busy, so Veronica Mars would have to film around her Good Place schedule. This means that the revival would probably be more of a limited than an ongoing series, with a run of eight to ten episodes. Honestly, a limited run could be a good thing. One main mystery would probably be the focus, much as it was in the stellar first season. Season 2 and especially Season 3 had Veronica facing multiple large mysteries. Could this fourth season be the best since the first?

As a longtime Veronica Mars fan, I'm not too worried about a revival neglecting to bring back the biggest and best original series stars. For one thing, more than one of them have appeared on Rob Thomas' CW series iZombie, so there's clearly no bad blood there. Besides, would anybody really consider bringing Veronica back without Logan to keep things just a little bit more unpredictable? Jason Dohring has put in time at iZombie; hopefully he can reprise Logan. Unfortunately, Krysten Ritter probably won't be back, and Piz may not be able to drop by. I'm not sure that anybody will be particularly upset about a shortage of Piz.

Sure, the mystery will undoubtedly be compelling, but what's Veronica Mars without the complex relationship between Veronica and Logan, no matter whether they're in one of their ups or downs? The way the movie ended, it would be a crying shame if a revival didn't find a way to bring Tina Majorino, and Percy Daggs III makes everything better as Wallace. I refuse to entertain thoughts of more Mars without Enrico Colantoni as Keith. Throw in some Weevil, and what original series fan wouldn't watch, no matter what they thought of the movie?

Only time will tell. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest in TV news, and join me in crossing fingers that more Veronica Mars news breaks sooner rather than later. For some viewing options while we wait, swing by our fall TV premiere schedule.