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The Big Bang Theory surprised many when it was announced that the mega-popular sitcom would be drawing to a close with its twelfth season. With that news, it is understandable if speculation surrounding how the series will end has been robust. Well, the series' co-creator Bill Prady has shared some unexpected info surrounding the plans for the final season:

We're approaching the final season the same way we've approached the 11 seasons before: with no planning whatsoever. From day one, we have never planned an arc for a season. We don't plan ahead, we just kind of just tell the next story.

It may be a surprising admission, but it is a pretty exciting one. It sounds like everything and anything could still be on the table. Big Bang Theory co-creator Bill Prady also told US Weekly that he has "not a clue" as to how the long-running sitcom will conclude. So, planning for the final season sounds as though it is still very fluid. With the Season 12 premiere arriving soon, episodes are clearly in place for early in the season.

Once the season starts getting further along, we may learn more. There is nothing alarming about the lack of planning though. Given that Big Bang Theory's writers are familiar with letting the story come to them, everything will likely fall into place as they get closer to the actual end of the series. And with usually 24 episodes in a season of The Big Bang Theory, the finale is still a bit off in the distance.

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That said, we are privy to a few firm details on the upcoming season. For instance, Penny and Leonard will discuss having children in Season 12. It is far from a done deal. And the show will be welcoming back a bevy of guest stars, including an especially beloved one and a few family members. Amy's mom will be making her way back, as will Penny's dad.

So, while we know nothing about how the show will end, Season 12 sounds as though it is going to be a real family affair. Many times, writers will reveal that they always had an endgame in sight for their creation. With Big Bang Theory's approach, the writing early in Season 12 is not necessarily taking viewers to an inevitable ending. Thanks to Young Sheldon however, we do have a significant hint as to where Sheldon will end up.

The twelfth and final season of The Big Bang Theory will premiere Monday, September 24 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. The series will then run at its regular time with a new episode bowing on Thursday, September 27 at 8 p.m. ET, and air at its usual time from there on. The Big Bang Theory is among a highly anticipated slate of new programming set to arrive on CBS, along with other series coming this fall.