Will Penny And Leonard Have A Baby On The Big Bang Theory?

The Big Bang Theory Leonard And Penny Fight Over Kids
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The Big Bang Theory started out as a show about single pals who hung out all the time and frequently ogled the neighbor down the hall. During the show's run, the lead characters have had numerous ups and downs in their careers and many of them have eventually found love and, with the exception of Raj, gotten married on the CBS comedy series. Now, for most of the rest of the cast (Howard and Bernadette already have a family), the next question to come up will involve having kids. Now, we've learned that Season 12, aka the final season of The Big Bang Theory, will have Leonard and Penny tackling that very big question.

Regarding Season 12, a new report indicates The Big Bang Theory will finally have Penny and Leonard discussing the fact they are childless. Showrunner Steve Holland told TV Line that the kids discussion will definitely play a role in the new season, but if you want all the spoilers, you are going to actually have to tune in and watch the episodes. Per Holland, all we know so far about Penny and Leonard's status is that they will "tackle the question of whether or not they want kids." So, it sounds like it's not necessarily a "when" but an "if."

CBS has already released the synopsis for the first episode in Season 12, "The Conjugal Configuration." The big storyline in that episode, of course, will follow Sheldon and Amy's honeymoon. During that episode, Penny and Leonard's plot will be finding out that they are very much like Amy's parents, who will be back for the episode. So, it seems if this kid question will be tackled it won't be during the first episode of the season, which airs outside of the show's regular timeslot on Monday, September 24.

Once the show moves into its regular Thursday night lineup, things will likely get more interesting. Intriguingly, over the summer, the question of whether or not Amy and Sheldon will have kids while the show was still on air was also a hot topic for the series, following a reveal on Young Sheldon that babies will eventually happen for them. Whether that storyline will play out on The Big Bang Theory remains to be seen, and so far the kid-related focus this season seems as if it will be Penny and Leonard's focus. With that in mind, we'll have to wait and see what other challenges the newly-married Amy and Sheldon face.

The Big Bang Theory will kick off Season 12 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. A second episode will follow on Thursday, September 27. Of course, if you want to see when your other network favorites are returning to the schedule, check out our fall TV premiere schedule.

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