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Infidelity appeared to become a regular recurring theme on Jersey Shore Family Vacation when the engaged Angelina Pivarnick started dancing seductively on Pauly D in a recent episode. Viewers immediately jumped all over the moment and assumed Angelina had some between-the-sheets explaining to do with fiancé Chris Larangeira, now that the world has seen her grinding on her former fling. Things only got more complicated when suspicions arose that Angelina fully hooked up with Pauly, and the reality star finally had to take to social media and correct all those who thought she and Pauly D got busy.

I need to get something off my chest. So the episode that aired this past Thursday has everyone in an uproar. First things first I never cheated on my fiance. I never slept with Pauly D it was just a dance and that was that. Pauly is a great guy and a good friend and is actually friends with my fiancé. It was a fun night of drinking in Las Vegas but in the end nothing went down! I would never ever cheat on Chris. We are engaged. When I got home from Vegas I told him every single thing that happened in Vegas and I was very transparent with the love of my life. We are in a very strong and committed relationship and a dance isn't going to end that. We are stronger than this. Thank you everyone.

Angelina Pivarnick denied that anything happened beyond what the Jersey Shore Family Vacation episode showed, and that her night with Pauly D began and ended with the dancing. It probably helped a lot that her fiancé Chris Larangeira is actually good friends with the inspirational Pauly D, in terms of her being open with the two of them, and even if she would have wanted to get an impulsive hook-up going, Pauly D would have just been a discouraging reminder of her relationship. But that wasn't even a real concern, as Angelina stated nothing seen on Jersey Shore Family Vacation was so bad that it would seriously jeopardize her engagement in any way, and that her and Larangeira's relationship is strong enough to withstand it.

Angelina's statement came after some scrutiny not just from the Jersey Shore Family Vacation fanbase, but her co-stars as well. Snooki, Mike, JWoww, and even Season 1 cheater Ronnie all made it clear during the episode that they thought Angelina's drunken dance with Pauly D was a tad over the line, and they wondered if the incident might lead to the end of her third engagement.

It doesn't sound like that's happening anytime soon, if what Angelina is saying is accurate. Although her explanation doesn't exactly state that Chris Larangeira was overjoyed with what she did and what was seen on the show, so that might be an important factor somewhere down the line.

And guess what? There's even more on the way! The Jersey Shore Family Vacation drama is continuing to heat up, and interested viewers can keep up by tuning into MTV on Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Keep up with other things airing on television over the next few months with our handy fall premiere guide.

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