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Jersey Shore Family Vacation: The Situation's Wedding Got A Lot More Complicated

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the latest episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation "Vinny And Angelina: A Love Story." Read at your own risk!

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is getting hitched, and he wants his Jersey Shore Family Vacation friends to be a part of the festivities. Mike asked Vinny and Pauly D to be a part of his wedding party, but told them he's not going extend that invitation to Ronnie. Mike did confirm Ronnie will be invited to the wedding, although made the wedding situation a lot more complicated by indicating his baby mama Jen Harley is not on the invite list:

He does not get a plus one...just the baby.

It was a bit of a cold move for the transformed Situation, although in the context of things currently happening on Jersey Shore Family Vacation, it made sense. While big daddy Sitch was declining invites in Seaside Heights, Ronnie was back home recovering from an alleged car dragging incident that resulted in Jen Harley's arrest. Given that information, it isn't hard to see that the cast wasn't exactly feeling all warm and fuzzy about Jen at this time.

That was then, however, and things have changed since Jersey Shore Family Vacation filmed Mike's statement. With The Situation officially sentenced to prison time and his past statements saying he and fiancee Lauren intend to get married before he goes to prison, the big day could be just around the corner. It's possible Situation has since changed his mind about Jen's invite, although his retweeting of a gif referencing the quote would appear to state otherwise:

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Tweets don't mean everything, of course, and The Situation may have just been playing on the drama of the episode and not reinforcing Jen is still not invited to his wedding. After all, the new Situation is all about forgiveness, so if Ronnie is willing to give her another chance, chances are he could do the same. Jen will apparently get a chance to change Mike's mind, as Jersey Shore Family Vacation teased she will make another appearance in a future episode of Season 2.

In all honesty, whatever happened in that episode might be null and void, as Ronnie might reject his invitation after seeing what Mike said during the episode. Jersey Shore fans know the two have a long history of pissing each other off, and a sleight like this could be enough for Ronnie to skip out on the wedding if Jen is indeed not allowed to attend the ceremony. That said one can never be too sure how serious feuds are on reality television, especially on Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation rolls on with Season 2 on MTV Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. For a look at other shows premiering or returning over the next couple of months, visit our fall premiere guide.

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