Star Wars TV Set Theft Causes Worry Over The Mandalorian Secrets Going Public

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Jon Favreau has only revealed a few details about his upcoming live-action Star Wars series The Mandalorian, but many more could be on the way. The news comes as authorities are investigating a theft from the show's set that may have resulted in important secrets being taken. If whoever stole this equipment is a rabid Star Wars fan intent on sharing what they now have, it's possible a lot of previously unknown information could soon be public.

The theft resulted in expensive equipment being nicked from the Manhattan Beach studio set of The Mandalorian. Specifically, an undisclosed amount of equipment from the camera department is missing, which is what has Lucasfilm so worried. The Blast reported the show's production crew is concerned a memory card loaded with sensitive information is in jeopardy. Lucasfilm placed a call to the Manhattan Beach Police Department on Wednesday, October 24 to report the crime and have reportedly launched its own internal investigation.

The crime was reported midday, but it's being said that the theft was believed to have taken place overnight. Main crew members have reportedly interviewed staff who deal with the cameras, although specific questions posed to them were not revealed. Lucasfilm is likely trying to cover all its bases and get to the bottom of things before sensitive information regarding The Mandalorian leaks to the public.

That's provided a leak actually happens. Even if the stolen equipment is never recovered, it's a possibility the party who stole the equipment does not know they're in possession of the memory card. It's also possible they do, and they're not about to share it and face the risk of being tracked down and charged with crimes beyond what they could already face for theft. Studios have been known to pursue data leakers pretty hard, and those acts are punishable in court.

Despite that, leaked information on The Mandalorian may still surface. As for what info that memory card may contain that the show's staff doesn't want fans to know about, the sky's the limit. It could reveal the mysterious Mandalorian's identity and their relation to other Star Wars characters, or contain a bunch of scenes from Season 1. We may never know, which is obviously what Disney would prefer, given the amount of money it's spending on this live-action series.

Incidents like this are exactly why high profile shows go to such extreme measures to protect their stuff. Perhaps The Mandalorian crew can meet with the Game of Thrones people to discuss how to better keep their sets locked down and more sensitive materials under better lock and key. One may have assumed security was high already, especially given the massive popularity of the Star Wars franchise.

The Mandalorian is still on its way to television. For a look at shows arriving much sooner, head on over to our fall premiere guide.

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